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Ukreximbank's Supervisory board dismissed Metzher

12.10.2021, 10:19
Yevhen Metsher's Facebook
Yevhen Metsher's Facebook

The Supervisory Board of Ukreximbank JSC dismissed Yevhen Metzher from the position of the Bank's Chairman of the Board. This was reported on the bank's website.

It is reported that during an extraordinary meeting on October 11, the Nomination Committee of the Supervisory Board decided to terminate the fixed-term employment contract with Yevhen Metzher on its own initiative.

The Nomination Committee immediately recommended to the Supervisory Board to terminate its powers from October 11, 2021 on the basis of Part 1 of Art. 39 of the Labour Code and the relevant clause of the employment contract with Metzher. Termination of the employment contract due to mentioned grounds does not provide for the payment of severance pay.

Serhiy Yermakov has been appointed acting chairman of the bank's board since October 12. He will hold this position until, following the results of the competition (no later than April 12, 2022), the supervisory board elects a new chairman of the bank's board.

As IMI reported, on October 11, the suspended chairman of the board of Ukreximbank Yevhen Metzher filed his letter of resignation.

On October 11, the Holosiivskyi District Court of Kyiv chose a measure of restraint for the suspended chairman of the board of Ukreximbank, Yevhen Metsger, in the form of a night house arrest . The court chose the same precautionary measure for Volodymyr Pikalov, Director of the Information Policy Department of Ukreximbank.

On October 8, law enforcement officers informed a Ukreximbank security officer on suspicion of obstructing the work of journalists of the Schemes program and intentionally committing acts of violence.

On October 8, Yevhen Metzger was served with a new suspicion for unlawful deprivation of liberty or detention of people, obstructing the work of journalists of "Skhemy" program. This was reported on the website of the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office.

As IMI reported, on October 7, the Holosiivskyi Police Department served notice of suspicion  to the chairman of the board of Ukreximbank Yevhen Metzher and to another employee of Ukreximbank for obstructing the legitimate professional activities of journalists - parts 1, 3 of Art. 171 (“Obstruction of lawful professional activity of journalists”) of the Criminal Code. 

 On October 6, Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office spokeswoman Nadiya Maksymets said that Ukreximbank officials involved in the case of obstructing the professional activities of “ Skhemy” journalists were avoiding receiving notices of suspicion from law enforcement.

As IMI reported, on October 4 in Kyiv, employees of the state-owned Ukreximbank used brute force against  the film crew of "Skhemy" while recording an interview with the chairman of the financial institution Yevhen Metzher right in his office.

The Kyiv Police has initiated criminal proceedings for obstructing the professional activities of journalists of the “Schemes” program (Part 1 of Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Ukreximbank accused “Skhemy” journalists of misappropriating information with limited access (banking secrecy) and violating the Code of Ethics for Ukrainian Journalists.

On October 4, journalists for “Skhemy”were summoned for questioning as victims to establish all the circumstances of the incident at Ukreximbank during a recording of an interview with Chairman of the Board Yevhen Metzher.

On October 4, the editorial board of "Skhemy" managed to restore the video deleted by Ukreximbank employees during the attack on the film crew in the office of the head of the state bank Yevhen Metzher.

On October 5, the Supervisory Board of Ukreximbank announced that it had begun investigating the circumstances of the conflict with “Schemy” journalists.

On October 6, Ukreximbank's Chairman of the Board Yevhen Metzher said he would step down from office during the police investigation and an internal bank investigation into the conflict with “Skhemy” journalists.

On October 6, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said that the Office of the Prosecutor General would not cover for the actions of employees of the state-owned Ukreximbank who attacked the TV crew of the "Skhemy" program. The person in charge will be notified of the suspicion.

On October 6, the Supervisory Board of Ukreximbank decided to suspend the Chairman of the Board of Ukreximbank Yevhen Metzher from the exercise of his powers for the duration of the internal investigation.

On October 6, police officers requalified the case on the grounds of a crime under Part 3 of Art. 171 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (Obstruction of lawful professional activity of journalists by an officer). The initial registration at the request of journalists was under Part 1 of Art. 171 (obstruction by denial of access, seizure of equipement, illegitimate ban to cover some issues and so on).

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