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22 journalists in Ukraine dead as a result of russian invasion – IMI

29.04.2022, 18:16
Photo by Irina Anastasiu from Pexels
Photo by Irina Anastasiu from Pexels

22 journalists have been killed in shelling by the russian occupiers since the beginning of their full-scale offensive in Ukraine.

This is according to the Institute of Mass Information as of April 29.

We remind that journalist and RFE/RL producer Vira Hyrych was killed in a missile strike on April 28. Vira's body was found on April 29 during the digging through the rubble of a house in the capital's Shevchenkivskyi district. In the shelling, a missile hit the journalist's apartment.

Namely, seven journalists have been killed in the line of duty since 24 February. Of these, three were Ukrainians and four foreign citizens. Two women and five men.

  1. Yevhen Sakun, LIVE channel cameraman (deceased on March 1 in a russian missile strike on a TV tower in Kyiv);
  2. Brent Renaud, documentarist and The Times correspondent (shot by russians on March 13 at a checkpoint in Irpin);
  3. Pierre Zakrzewski, Fox News cameraman, Irish citizen (deceased on March 14 in a russian shelling attack on Horenka village, Kyiv region);
  4. Oleksandra Kuvshynova, Ukrainian fixer and journalist (deceased on March 14 together with Pierre Zakrzewski in a russian shelling attack on Horenka village, Kyiv region);
  5. Oksana Baulina, journalist working for the russian The Insider, Alexei Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation (deceased on March 23 under russian artillery fire in Kyiv while carrying out an editorial assignment); 
  6. Maxim Levin, photo reporter, war correspondent, had worked for many international agencies and Ukrainian media (went missing on March 13, found murdered on April 1);
  7. Mantas Kvedaravicius, Lithuanian filmmaker and documentarist (killed in Mariupol).

15 journalists were killed as combatants or as a result of russian shelling, not while performing their journalist duties:

  1. Oleksandr Lytkin, "КNК Мedia" journalist, deceased on February 13 in a shelling attack on Romanivka village by russian troops.
  2. Dilerbek Shakirov, civillian journalist working for "Navkolo tebe" informational weekly, shot from an automatic rifle on February 26 in Kherson suburbs;
  3. Serhiy Pushchenko, graphic artist and painter, culturologist, Honored Artist of Ukraine, National Journalist Union of Ukraine member, award-winning journalist, volunteer and ATO veteran, killed on March 2 in Vasylkiv together with his territorial defence comrades;
  4. Viktor Dudar, war journalist, deceased on March 6 in a battle with russian invaders near Mykolaiv;
  5. Pavlo Li, actor, "Dom" channel host, joined territorial defence forces at the beginning of the war, deceased on March 6 near Irpin while helping evacuate civillians;
  6. Viktor Dedov, "Sigma" channel cameraman, killed on March 11 in Mariupol as a result of a shelling attack on a building;
  7. Oleh Yakunin, Zaporizhzhia website editor, deceased on March 18 defending Ukraine from russian invaders;
  8. Lilia Humyanova, journalism tutor and the head of the art department of Livoberezhny District House of Children's and Youth Creativity, killed on March 19 in a russian shelling attack on Mariupol;
  9. Yurii Oliynyk, Channel 24 cameraman, deceased on March 23 in a battle near Popasna village, Luhansk region;
  10. Serhiy Zaikovskyy, essayist, historian, translator, deceased on March 24 in a battle with russian invaders near Kyiv;
  11. Denys Kotenko, Ministry of Veterans Affairs press office employee, deceased on March 24 in a battle with russian invaders near Kyiv;
  12. Yevhen Bal, journalist, author, volunteer, died under torture at the hands of russian troops on April 2 in Mariupol;
  13. Roman Nezhyborets, Chernihiv's "Dytynets" channel video engineer, killed by russian troops in April in Yahidna village near Chernihiv; 
  14. Zoreslav Zamoiskyy, body with signs of violent death found on April 13 in Bucha.
  15. Vira Hyrych, RFE/RL journalist, killed in a missile strike on Kyiv on April 28.

We remind that IMI has documented 243 crimes against the media and joutnalists in Ukraine committed by russia since the start of the full-scale invasion, between February 24 and April 24.

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