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Russian terrorists killed correspondent of NY Times in Irpen, near Kyiv

13.03.2022, 15:25

In Irpen near Kyiv, the Russian invaders shot dead the journalist for The New York Times daily Brent Renaud and wounded another journalist. This was reported by Kyiv Police Chief Andriy Nebytov

"Today, the correspondent for the world-famous New York Times was shot dead in Irpen. Another journalist is wounded. Now the victim is being taken out of the war zone. Naturally, the profession of journalist involves some risks, but the US citizen Brent Renaud  paid the price of his life for trying to report law acts, atrocity and ruthlessness of the aggressor ", - Andriy Nebitov wrote.

ndriy Nebytov's Facebook

On the video, the wounded colleague of Brent Reno explains that the fire was engaged on them at the checkpoint. 


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