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Zaporizhzhya journalist Oleh Yakunin died during the fighting with invaders

26.03.2022, 17:00
Olena Yakunina's facebook
Olena Yakunina's facebook

Oleg Yakunin, editor of the Zaporizhzhya website, died on March 18 while defending Ukraine from the Russian occupiers. 

This was announced on March 25 on Facebook by Dr. Olena Yakunina.

"I ask you to observe a moment of silence and a kind word from Yakunin Oleg Ivanovich, who died on the battlefield on March 18, 2022, defending us with you from the damned invaders. He was the world's best man and loving father, faithful friend, fair and honest. He was always "soul and heart of the party”  and united people around himself , because only together we are the force! He always defended the weaker and did not keep silent when he saw evil. He loved the sea and good music, he dreamed that our children would live a better life in the best country in the world which is a free Ukraine.

On the 16th he promised that he would return alive and well and we would take our daughter to the sea, where he would teach her to snorkel. But not in the cards…

Many of you have known Oleg personally for many years, please remember how you remembered Oleg, remember him with a kind word, "she wrote.

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