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Two Zaporizhzhia media outlets receive threats of imprisonment from the rf again

11.07.2022, 15:04

Zaporizhzhia editorial offices of and received three threatening emails from russia last week. They have already received letters with threats of imprisonment several times before.

This was reported by editorial staff to the IMI representative in Zaporizhzhia region.

On July 1 and 4, editorial team members received two emails with threats. The first letter with the subject "Important!" was sent by "Evdokia Eliseeva" from The letter contained a link to the group noname057(16), which is famous for its moralizing slogans, insults, and rhymed poem-threats. This time, journalists were told the following: "Propagandist, your path is sad. Deceiving the population is the first step, not even hiding that you're an Ukronazi. But the second step is your imprisonment! noname057(16)".

In the second email, dated July 4, the journalists were promised that "the game is over" for their "lying propagandist mouths." The letter was sent from the mailbox with the subject "Reminder" from "Nina Egorova."

The editorial inbox received a letter with the subject "Responsibility notice," sent from the russian mail service by user "Rudolf Kubekin" on July 7. In particular, it read: "The Investigative Committee of russia has opened a criminal case against all employees of your publication. The case was instituted under the 'Extremism' article of the Criminal Code. All your contacts and personal details have been submitted to russian authorities. After the russian army occupies the settlements where you live and work, you will face third degree interrogations and imprisonment. You can testify in the case and avoid this punishment if you resign from the media you work for right now."

Such emails with threats about the occupation of all cities, torture, and imprisonment have already reached the editorial offices several times.

As IMI reported, Zaporizhzhia media outlets have been receiving threats from russia since March. Namely, they have already received similar threats on March 25March 26 and March 28April 3, 4April 7-11April 17April 25May 15May 23May 25June 2, 6June 10June 16, June 29, July 1 and 4.

The authorities have opened criminal proceedings for email threats received by Zaporizhzhia editorial offices from russia. The criminal proceedings have been instituted under Part 1 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code “Violation of the laws or customs of war.” The sanction of the article provides for imprisonment for a term of eight to twelve years.

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