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Zaporizhzhia media outlet receives threats of prosecution from russia again

06.07.2022, 14:07

Last week, the editors of Zaporizhzhia's received two emails with rhymed threats from russia.

The website's editor-in-chief Eric Brynza informed the IMI representative in Zaporizhzhia region about this.

On July 1, an email from user "Elmira Afanasyeva" with the subject "Very important!" arrived to the editorial inbox from the russian mail service In it, the author threatened the staff of the editorial office with criminal responsibility for their journalistic activities – in rhymed form again. In particular, the letter stated: "russian troops are liberators, their operation saves lives and stability. And you, propaganda spreaders, will not escape criminal responsibility!"

Not long after, on July 4, the editors received another email from "Yana Vlasova" with the subject "Reminder." In the email, also sent through russian mail service, the author "reminded" of the following: "V is for 'victory,' Z is for 'ourz!' Game's over for you and your lying propagandist mouths!"

According to editor-in-chief, they have already received emails with identical content before.

As IMI reported, Zaporizhzhia media outlets have been receiving threats from russia since March. Namely, they have already received similar threats on March 25March 26 and March 28April 3, 4April 7-11April 17April 25May 15May 23May 25June 2, 6June 10, June 16, and June 29.

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