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For the third time, Zaporizhzhya website threatened by Russia

30.03.2022, 16:15

The website in Zaporizhzhya received the third letter of threats on March 28. This was reported to the regional representative of IMI in the Zaporizhzhya region by the staff of the site. The letter was sent from the which is banned in Ukraine from "Lilia Bragina". The subject of the letter reads in Ukrainian: "Look, this is important!"

In particular, the letter reads: "Soon the law of the Russian Federation will come into force in your city, and all accomplices of the neo-Nazi regime of Ukraine, including Ukrainian media, will be prosecuted for criminal actions in support of the Bandera regime of Zelensky."

The report urges journalists to refrain from replicating anti-Russian fakes to the Russian military, "it's not too late."

It will be recalled that on March 25, several Ukrainian media received anonymous letters with threats - Evropeyska Pravda, Glavkom and Zaporizhzhya sites and . They are threatened with interrogation and imprisonment under the articles" extremism "and" terrorism ".

The publication "Crimea. Realities" received an e-mail with threats of imprisonment in Siberia for "replicating fakes about the Russian army."

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