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SBI doesn’t open case of obstruction at thesis defense of MP Kyva

12.05.2021, 16:46
Danylo Mokryk's Facebook page
Danylo Mokryk's Facebook page

The State Bureau of Investigation did not open proceedings after the complaint from the journalist for Danylo Mokryk. The journalists had complained about obstruction by police officer Yuriy Ruzanov, who did not allow him and other journalists to attend thesis defense of Ilya Kiva, a MP from the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party. Danylo Mokryk said it on May 12 on his Facebook page. 

Last week, the journalist filed complaint over the fact of obstruction to his professional activity with the State Bureau of Investigation. As Mokryk said: "Every fact was described and lot of videos recording denial of access presented."

But the SBI replied that they considered Mokryk's complaint as a citizen’s appeal.

"Today, the SBI sent the response. No, they did not enter information into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations and did not begin an investigation as they should have done by law (Article 214 of the CPC). They interpreted the complaint as an appeal from citizens. And they handed him over to the Kyiv territorial department of the SBI. The complaint titled with a sounding heading “The complaint about commission of a criminal offense, according to Art. 214 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine ” renamed as the citizen’s appeal. This is all you need to know about "responsibility for everyone", "unavoidability of punishment" and "no one covers up the police" in Ukraine, "Danylo wrote.

As IMI reported, the State Institute for Training of the State Employment Service of Ukraine, where People's Deputy Ilya Kiva defended, acknowledged that despite the requirement of open-door thesis defense, the MP’s assistants set up "accreditation" for the press, and security guards did not come between the hugs for hire and the journalists.

On April 26, Danylo Mokryk was not allowed to attend the thesis defense of a MP Ilya Kiva. The journalist reported about it to IMI.

The sitting is being held at the Institute of Personnel Training of the State Employment Service. Journalists for Channel 24, Ukrayinska Pravda and Channel 5 wee also not let in.

A man in plainclothes, who introduced himself as a police officer and showed a token, barred him the way in. The person said he could not allow the journalist to enter, as the latter was not on the accreditation list. 

The journalist called the police and lodged complaint over the fact of obstruction. 

Therefore, according to Danylo Mokryk, the TV channels which have been accredited for the meeting were: 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, ZIK, and the First Independent.

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