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Journalist for banned from thesis defense of Illya Kyva

26.04.2021, 13:34
Danylo Mokryk's Facebook page
Danylo Mokryk's Facebook page

On April 26, Danylo Mokryk, a journalist with the project, was not allowed to attend the thesis defense of a MP Ilya Kiva. The journalist reported about it to IMI.

The sitting is being held at the Institute of Personnel Training of the State Employment Service. Journalists for Channel 24, Ukrayinska Pravda and Channel 5 wee also not let in.

A man in plainclothes, who introduced himself as a police officer and showed a token, barred him the way in. The person said he could not allow the journalist to enter, as the latter was not on the accreditation list. 

“We arrived with the cameraman. At the entrance to the institute we saw a person wearing plainclothes, who did not allow journalists to enter. It was me, journalists of Channel 24, Ukraynska Pravda, Channel 5. The man said that he had some lists, which, as it turned out, were provided to him either by the press service or by Kyva's assistants, with names of who should be allowed in and who would not. And they called it "lists of accredited persons", - as Danylo Mokryk.

The journalist called the police and lodged complaint over the fact of obstruction. 

According to Mokryk, they were not allowed to enter the premises of the institute at first, but after the police arrived, they were able to enter the premises, but still cannot enter the event.

“At first, they did not allow to enter the building of the institute, after the police arrived, then about two hours later, we got into the building. But now we stayed on the stairwell, because we went up to the first floor and here, that person appeared again. He is standing here on the stairs in front of the entrance to the first floor, ”the journalist said.

He also noted that the investigator who arrived at the scene did not undertake any measures to remedy the violation of journalists' rights.

Therefore, according to Danylo Mokryk, the TV channels which have been accredited for the meeting were: 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, ZIK, and the First Independent.

“I managed to have a sight at the list this man was referring to. And there were mostly "112 Ukraine", NewsOne, ZIK, "First Independent", salt of the earth. And TSN crew could pass somehow, ”the journalist said.

As reported by IMI, on 4 February, on the sidelines of the parliament, Illya Kyva used foul language speaking to the investigative journalist for the project Bihus.Info Mokryk Danylo, who raised the question of money laundering through currency conversion centers.

Bihus.Info journalists addressed the relevant committees of the Verkhovna Rada and law enforcement agencies after the incident with the MP Ilya Kiva, who railed at the journalist Danylo Mokryk on the sidelines of the parliament. 

On March 3, the parliamentary Committee on Rules of Procedure, Parliamentary Ethics and Administration of Verkhovna Rada’s work did not find legal grounds to impose penalties to MP from the “Opposition Platform - For Life” Ilya Kiva for his unethical behavior, as he spoke to investigative journalist Danylo Mokryk on February 4.

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