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RFE/RL President called on Georgian PM to punish perpetrators of attack on journalists

28.07.2021, 17:35
Ekho Kavkaza
Ekho Kavkaza

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty President and CEO Jamie Fly has called on Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili to bring to justice those who funded and ordered assaults against journalists during the protests rally. He said this during a meeting on July 26, Echo Kavkaza reported.

"Attacks on journalists are absolutely unacceptable and disturbing to see in Georgia," Jaie Fly wrote on Twitter following the meeting.

"I urged the government to ensure that the media, a key pillar of democracy are protected as they cover the upcoming elections. RFE / RL, the Georgian service of Radio Liberty, is committed to providing objective news and information to the Georgian people during this important moment, ” as Jamie Fly said.

The RFE / RL President also met in Tbilisi with journalists injured on July 5, including representatives of the Georgian service of Radio Liberty.

"Many journalists here fearfull that this could become the new normal in Georgia," Jamie Fly added.

As IMI reported, on July 11, it became known that cameraman Lexo Lashkarava had died in Tbilisi . He had been beaten on July 5 by opponents of the LGBT community march. In this regard, an action demanding th

As IMI reported, on July 11, it became known that the cameraman Lekso Lashkarava had died in Tbilisi . He had been beaten on July 5 by opponents of the LGBT community march. In this regard, an action demanding the resignation of the government took place on July 11 in Tbilisi and other cities.

The Georgian Interior Ministry said that the interim data of the examination indicate that the death of the beaten cameraman Lekso Lashkarava could have been caused by a drug overdose. 

On July 11, a number of Georgian media outlets issued a joint statement saying that cases of violations of journalists' rights were "approaching a boiling point,"  The media also called for the resignation of the full Georgian government, led by Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, threatening protests.

On July 5, at least 47 journalists in Tbilisi were aggressed by opponents of the LGBTQ + march. According to local media, 16 media outlets, including journalists, photographers and cameramen, were injured.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia stated that an investigation has been launched under two articles of the Criminal Code of Georgia - 154 ("Illegal obstruction of journalists in their professional activities") and 126 ("Violence").

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