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Poltava authorities ignore obstruction complaint from journalists. IMI representative asks for a meeting

30.08.2022, 15:44
Photo: Anastasia Matsko
Photo: Anastasia Matsko

IMI's representative in Poltava oblast initiated a meeting with the Poltava City Council secretary Andriy Karpov to discuss the local journalists' complaints against the City Council's press office. The IMI representative has submitted an according request on August 29.

We remind that a month ago, Poltava journalists demanded to hold a round table with the head of Poltava City Council's press office Alina Ryabokon and the Council's deputies due to systematic obstruction of their work and violations on the part of the city's authorities.

As the IMI representative reports, there have been no changes to the situation in a month; the journalists have not received any official response from the Poltava City Council. Therefore, on behalf of an initiative group of journalists, she has sent an official request to the City Council secretary, whose duties include overseeing the work of the City Council's press office.

In the address, the IMI representative asks to provide an official response to the local journalists' joint letter, as well as to organize and hold a joint meeting with the participation of: the Poltava City Council secretary, the initiative group of journalists, and the head of Poltava City Council's press office.

As IMI reported, on July 21 Poltava journalists claimed to have faced obstruction from City Council officials, namely the press office. The media workers demanded "professional and respectful treatment of the work of the mass media, namely by the Poltava City Council press office." On July 20, the journalists were not allowed into the City Council hall to attend a meeting with protesters.

The journalists complain about hearing bureaucratic formulas instead of answers to information requests; unability to receive the necessary comments promptly; lack of "live" communication with City Council officials, such as briefings; events being announced late, if ever. They also complain about the officials performing their duties unsatisfactorily and about the disregard of the laws "On mass media," "On information," "On television and radio broadcasting," "On news agencies" on the part of the head of the Poltava City Council press office Alina Ryabokon.

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