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NSDC imposed sanctions against Nash TV

11.02.2022, 21:00
Schreenshot from NAsh' s Youtube
Schreenshot from NAsh' s Youtube

On February 11, the National Security and Defense Council imposed sanctions on Nash TV. 

This was announced by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov at a briefing after the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council in Kharkiv on February 11, as Ukrainian Pravda reported.

According to Danilov, the restrictions were imposed on the basis of the SBU’s motion. 

He also added that "the parent structure of the resource is in Cyprus," Channel 24 reported . 

According to Danilov, sanctions will be imposed against Nasha Praga (Maxi TV channel - ed.), Nash 24 LLC, Nash 365 LLC (Nash TV channel - ed.) фnd  the company, which according to The National Security and Defense Council is the owner of all these companies and is registered in Cyprus.

"The matrix structure, which, as far as I understand, is situated in Cyprus ... The sanctions which  have been introduced today, targeted this company and the companies it owns. Sanctions are imposed on the basis of the SBU's motion, " as Danilov said at a briefing in response to a question from a journalist from the Nash channel, reported.

Restrictive measures have been introduced for 5 years.

On January 27, Ukrayinska Pravda reported, that the Security Service of Ukraine was preparing documents to impose sanctions onto Nash TV channel.

On January 24, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov said that as soon as the authorities received a request to impose sanctions on Nash TV channel, NSDC would urgently consider the issue, but so far no such requests have been made.

According to Radio Liberty, on January 22, the British Foreign Office issued a statement saying that Moscow was going to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine and considered former MP Yevhen Muraev as a potential candidate for its leader. Murayev himself denied this.

On February 10, the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting fined Nash TV channel (Nash 365 LLC) more than UAH 124,000 and decided to apply to the court to revoke the license of Maxi TV channel (Nasha Prague LLC) through broadcast of the program "This is important", during which the guest of the program Yevhen Murayev made some racist remarks.

During 2021, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv received more than 20 lawsuits from Nash TV channel challenging the decisions of the National Council as to unscheduled inspections of the TV channel.

The court has opened proceedings to revoke the Nash 365 license at the request of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting. The National Council, in particular, had imputed incitement to national, racial and religious hatred aired in the programs by LLC "Nash 365".

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