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National Council calls not to give the Media Freedom Award to Ovsyannikova

22.04.2022, 10:06
Photo credit: GETTY IMAGES
Photo credit: GETTY IMAGES

The National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting called on the German Weimer Media Group to refrain from awarding the Media Prize for Freedom to russian propagandist Marina Ovsyannikova.

This is stated in the National Council's appeal.

The National Council considers it "unacceptable to equate the President of Ukraine's contribution to the promotion of democracy and peace in Europe to that of a russian propagandist."

"As you know, no television program in russia, let alone the news, is broadcast live. Therefore, the imaginary courage of Mrs. Ovsyannikova is a part of the scenario developed by one of the main propagandists of putin's regime, Pervyy channel CEO Konstantin Ernst, who, incidentally, is sanctioned by many European countries due to the unmotivated and extremely brutal russian invasion of Ukraine," the statement says.

The regulator notes that Ovsyannikova's release and free departure from russia to Europe is part of that same plan, as indicated by her repeated speeches and posts on social media about the necessity of lifting the sanctions off russia.

The National Council calls on the management and journalists of the Weimer Media Group to "choose the right position in the current situation and refrain from awarding the prize to Mrs. Ovsyannikova."

The National Council also calls on Axel Springer Verlag, who owns Die Welt, to refrain from cooperating with Ovsyannikova.

As reported by IMI, on April 21, the German Weimer Media Group (WMG) gave the Media Freedom Award to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanowskaya, and former editor of russian propaganda channel "Pervyy" Marina Ovsyannikova.

German media outlet Die Welt has hired the former editor of russian propaganda channel "Pervyy" Marina Ovsyannikova who "protested" the russian invasion of Ukraine on alleged live broadcast.

In the beginning of March, Ovsyannikova entered the studio during an allegedly live "Vremya" broadcast with a "No war" poster. The video recording of this part of the broadcast has been uploaded to YouTube. Later, the russian quit her work at the propaganda channel.

The Centre for Strategic Communications and Information Security has reported that Ovsyannikova is currently an active asset in russian informational and psychological operations. Namely, she has gained recognition and credibility in the West and is using it to promote the narrative about the "necessity" of lifting the sanctions to Western audience.

On April 14, Ukrainian activists in Berlin demanded that Die Welt media group fires the former editor of russian propaganda channel "Pervyy" Marina Ovsyannikova.

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