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Kharkiv journalist injured in a Russian drone strike

05.04.2024, 18:12
Yulia Boyko. Photo by Yulia Boyko on Instagram
Yulia Boyko. Photo by Yulia Boyko on Instagram

Russia's mass drone strike on Kharkiv on the night of April 4 injured a Novosti.Live and Belstat freelancer Yulia Boyko. She was diagnosed with aquabarotrauma and a mild concussion.

The journalist reported this to the IMI representative in the Kharkiv oblast.

At the time of the impact, the media worker was at home; she came downstairs after the first hit and started filming the aftermath on the spot.

According to Yulia, the drone dropped near her house and the explosion damaged the windows, the doors and the roof. Immediately after the first explosion, the journalist went down to do her job, but 10 minutes later, another air raid alarm sounded and she left to look for a bomb shelter. The drone was already somewhere nearby, and there was no time to take cover, so she dropped down onto the asphalt behind the curb. In the morning, she saw that she had been 5-7 meters awa from the epicenter of the explosion.

Russian troops struck civilian and residential buildings on the night of April 4, killing, three rescue workers and a civilian woman and injuring 12 more people. The impacts damaged apartment buildings and private houses.

Yulia Boyko was also saved by a State Emergency Service car, as was the injured Nakypilo reporter Victor Pichuhin.

The emergency service car that took the brunt of the impact, which allowed Yulia Boyko to survive. Photo by the Kharkiv Oblast Prosecutor's Office

Yulia was diagnosed with aquabarotrauma and a mild concussion; she has no flesh wounds, only scratches after dropping down onto the asphalt. The media worker feels fine, but notes that she is now afraid of sounds that are similar to the sounds of a drone.

In the recent months, the Russians struck the Kharkiv Palace Hotel, injuring a ZDF interpreter. On January 10, the Russians struck the Park Hotel, injuring the reporters with the Turkish news agency Anadolu, who were staying there. On January 23, a strike on downtown Kharkiv injured a journalist from the "Nakypilo" Media Group, who was on her way home from the office. During the same period, the offices of the Ukrainian Radio and "Suspilne Kharkiv" and the Objektyv Media Group newsroom were affected.

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