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Court ordered to take down fragments about Medvedchuk from book on Vasyl Stus

19.10.2020, 14:24
Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5

On October 19, the Darnytsya District Court ordered Vakhtang Kipiani, author of the book “The Case of Vasyl Stus”, and Vivat Publishing House to take down any saying about Viktor Medvedchuk, MP from the Opposition Platform for Life, and banned the distribution of printed copies until redressment of violations of Medvedchuk's non-property rights, as Radio Liberty reported.   

In particular, the court decided to declare as "untruthful and such that violates the personal intangible rights of Viktor Medvedchuk to respect of honor and dignity, inviolability and business reputation" the information disseminated in several sections of the book "The Case of Vasyl Stus."

The court held “to compel Kipiani and Vivat publishing house to take down any saying about the person of Medvedchuk out of the book sections “ Criminal case №5. The Book of Life and Death of Vasyl Stus ”and “Did Medvedchuk Killed the Poet Vasyl Stus, Didn’t He?” The court prohibits Mr Kipiani and Vivat publishing house from distributing the printed copies of the book "The Case of Vasyl Stus" and from further printing until redressment of violation of the personal non-property right Medvedchuk," the judge announced.

Besides that, the court banned Kipiani and Vivat from using and disseminating any information from two above-mentioned sections and which "makes it possible to identify Viktor Medvedchuk as a person, actor without his consent"in mass media.

The court has partly upheld Medvedchuk's lawsuit against Kipiani and Vivat publishing.

The decision will take legal effect after the deadline for filing an appeal. Within 30 days, the decision can be appealed to the Kyiv Court of Appeal.

On October 19, the judge announced the operative part of the decision. The full text will be announced within 10 days.

Vakhtang Kipiani's book "The Case of Vasyl Stus" was published in May 2019.

As IMI reported, in the summer of 2019, Viktor Medvedchuk, an MP from the “Opposition Platform - For Life”, filed a lawsuit against journalist and historian Vakhtang Kipiani in the Darnytsia District Court of Kyiv, demanding to ban the distribution of his book “The Case of Vasyl Stus”. 

"The Case of Vasyl Stus" was published in 2019. The book contains several documents from the archives of the former KGB of the USSR about the resonant case of the poet, from eyewitness testimonies, letters from the writer from prison, memoirs of his family and friends.

Medvedchuk was Stus's lawyer when he was arrested for the second time in 1980.

On October 2, 2019, the Darnytskyi District Court of Kyiv began consideration of the case on Medvedchuk's claim.

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