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"Ye" journalist wounded in action (updated)

08.02.2024, 18:05
Andriy Yashchyshen, photo by Andriy Yashchyshen on Facebook
Andriy Yashchyshen, photo by Andriy Yashchyshen on Facebook

Warning! The article contains a photo that may be disturbing.

Andriy Yashchyshen, a journalist for the Khmelnytsky online media outlet "Ye" who enlisted in the Ukrainian Armed Forces last year, was wounded by Russian shelling today, February 8.

According to the IMI's regional representative, Yashchyshen reported this on Facebook.

According to Andriy, he and his fellow soldiers were driving a car when a mortar mine went off next to it. All the soldiers survived; they managed to get out of the cabin and take cover away from the road, which the enemy continued to drop bombs on. The journalist has a broken cheekbone and upper jaw, a knee injury and glass shards stuck in his face.

Andriy Yashchyshen was wounded by Russian shelling, February 8, 2024, photo by Andriy Yashchyshen on Facebook

"What is your lucky day? Your lucky day is when a mortar mine explodes next to your car. You are in shock and there's a ringing in your right ear. The door is jammed. You crawl out through the driver's door. Next come a few more bombs as you and the boys lie down away from the road. In the end, you have glass shards stuck in your face, a broken cheekbone and upper jaw, and a knee injury. And what matters is that everyone is alive. It may sound strange, but this is your lucky day!” Andriy Yashchyshen wrote.

According to the IMI representative, Andriy Yashchyshen enlisted in the Ukrainian Armed Forces last summer, writing that "he is taking a break from journalism for indefinite period of time." Prior to that, he had been a long-time journalist for the media corporation "Ye" (the online outlet "Ye"). He specialized in writing articles, filming videos and editing. Before that, Andriy had also worked as a journalist for the "Proskuriv" newspaper. He received his journalistic education after graduating from the Ukrainian Philology and Journalism Department at the Ivan Ohienko National University in Kamianets-Podilsky.

21:00 update: In a comment to the regional IMI representative, he clarified that he had been wounded a few days before. He has cracks in his right cheekbone and upper jaw. "They will also check whether there are any glass shards left in my face, and they will do an MRI of my knee. There is no fracture, but the ligaments may be torn. I have no shock or concussion," said the soldier.

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