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"Ukrainian news" continue lawsuit against Avakov for not providing them a list of individuals awarded with weapons

11.10.2017, 10:19
The District Administrative Court of Kyiv city will consider the claim of information agency “Ukrainian news” to the Department of  Enforcement Service of the Ministry of Justice, which, in spite of the relevant judgments of courts of all instances, were not able to make the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov to comply with all court rulings and to provide information about the individuals (mostly civilians) who were awarded with firearms as “departmental award” from the Ministry, “Ukrainian news” report. In spite of court resolutions, which included the resolution of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice enforcement service not only did not force the Minister to comply with the Law, but even failed to timely respond to the request of “Ukrainian news” about enforcement of the court resolution. As it was reported in the media before, in 2015-2016, the Ministry of Internal Affairs lost a number of courts to “Ukrainian news”, with their demands to provide the public information the list of people who received from Arsen Avakov firearms as “departmental award”. “The MIA illegally conceals the public information. Namely, the list of people awarded by Avakov with firearms, which is the state property. Taxpayers have a right to know how Avakov administrates the state property, the firearms, and who is the ultimate beneficiary”, director of “Ukrainian News” Denys Ivanesko said. The media outlet reminded that Avakov awarded with firearms 88 MPs, and a number of his political allies. “Ukrainian news” also found out that Avakov awards civilians with firearms without legal powers to do so, as the disciplinary charter of the Ministry grants the Minister power to award with firearms only “the members of MIA top staff”.
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