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UAF strips Danish journalist of accreditation

22.12.2022, 11:40
Photo: Lau Svensson, DR
Photo: Lau Svensson, DR

Correspondent of the Danish public television and radio company DR, Matilde Kimer, has been stripped of accreditation in Ukraine. Radio Liberty reports this, citing Danish radio DR.DK.

The Danish radio posted a screenshot of an email from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, sent on August 22, with a notification that the journalist's accreditation is being canceled at the request of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

The journalist only managed to meet with the representatives of the special service in December. According to her, at the meeting, she was informed that the media content made by her contained pro-Russian propaganda.

Photo –

Kimer believes that what raised questions in the SBU were the posts she made on her official Facebook page. Kimer has been posting links to reports about Russia, namely about the protests and the Russian citizens being persecuted by the authorities.

In a December post, Kimer shared a link to a DR report about a Russian who spoke out against the war and was fined. The Russian man ran away to live in the woods to avoid conscription, and is now working in a tent.

The Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, said that his department would do everything in their power to restore the journalist's accreditation. The Danish authorities consider Kyiv's decision to be erroneous.

Ukraine did not comment on this Danish media report.

Matilde Kimer has been a correspondent for DR since 2005, and in 2014 she became a permanent correspondent for the Danish television and radio company in Russia and Ukraine. The journalist has made many reports about Ukraine before February 2022. Moreover, she had been to the combat area in the Donbas, where she made reports mostly dedicated to civilians.

On February 24, the day Russia's full-scale invasion began, Kimer was in Kyiv and was one of the first Danish correspondents to report on what was happening in the city.

In April, the journalist ended up in Moscow. She made a report from the Red Square, and also talked about shops closing down due to sanctions. In August 2022, the Russian FSB banned her from entering the country for 10 years for security reasons.

As IMI reported, in November, multiple media persons had their work permits canceled and their press cards invalidated by the Defense Ministry after working in liberated Kherson.

Later, accreditation for working on the front line and in the de-occupied territories was first restored to those editors and journalists who had applied for their restoration.

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