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TikTok moves Ukraine from shared "region" with russia – Ministry of Digital Transformation

22.07.2022, 16:28

TikTok may have been blocking Ukrainian content related to the full-scale russian invasion because of Ukraine's belonging in the same "region" as russia. Recently, the social network moved Ukraine to the European "region."

This was said by Deputy Minister for IT Development of the Ministry Digital Transformation, Oleksandr Bornyakov, on Channel 24.

"By the way, this is being done in many companies that understand that we can no longer be in the same 'region' with russia," said Oleksandr Bornyakov.

"TikTok has now moved us to a new 'region' where we will be communicating with new people. I think this will improve the situation. It seems to me that the blocking had to do with the fact that we belonged to the same 'region' (with russia – Ed.)," said Bornyakov.

As IMI reported, TikTok video platform published a report on their work from January 1 to March 31, 2022. In particular, it talks about the platform management's response to russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and their fight against fakes about the war. Between February 24 and March 31, the TikTok team removed 41,191 videos for violating the misinformation policy.

In July, Financial Times wrote that TikTok removed the content it considered "unacceptable." This also applied to videos showing the consequences of the war in Ukraine. The social network was resisting calls to preserve Ukrainian content about russian crimes despite the fact that it is necessary for an international investigation.

According to European Disinformation Situation Center's research, Twitter and YouTube are ignoring Ukraine's requests to take down russian propaganda and hate speech targeting Ukrainians.

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