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The channels from Poroshenko's pool were shut down because of his narcissism – Podolyak

30.05.2022, 17:34
Photo credits: KArolina Uskakovich, Babel
Photo credits: KArolina Uskakovich, Babel

Mykhailo Podolyak, the advisor to the head of the President's Office, believes that the channels from the so-called Petro Poroshenko's pool (Channel 5, Pryamyy, and Espreso) were excluded from digital broadcasting because they were harmful due to the ex-president's "narcissism."

He said this in his interview with Oleh Bazar for LB Live, Detector Media reports.

"This is an issue for the Security Council to resolve. This is an issue of a unified information policy of the country during the war. In part [these channels were broadcasting the national telethon] – yes. And in part, they were broadcasting a man who is very much in love with himself. We have a lot of narcissists, I understand, our politics is based on narcissism as such, we often sell narcissists. If you are selling a narcissist, who is hollow inside, this is, again, an issue of the professional quality of the information space of Ukraine.

"So this person, in love with himself, is the indirect owner of the channels, I do not quite understand why sell this narcissism, these narratives in such a form as part of the unified information package during the war," said Podolyak.

Oleh Bazar noted that the same can be said about "the narcissists that are now parasitizing on the air of the national telethon."

"That is true, but the damage done by this person (Petro Poroshenko – Ed.) is much greater. Because narcissism, when you just sell yourself because you want to monetize at a certain level, is one thing. It's unprofessional, but it's small damage. And another thing is when you still can't come to terms with the fact that you lost. And in order to somehow subconsciously compensate for this, you can go so far as to use any harmful information technologies," added the advisor to the head of the PO.

We remind that the Head of the Information Support Department of the National Security and Defense Council Apparatus Volodymyr Zverev declared that the Security Council's decision contained no information on the shutdown of the channels.

As ІМІ has reported, on April 4, Channel 5, "Priamyy," and "Espreso" announced that on April 4 in the morning the Broadcasting, Radiocommunications, and Television Concern (BRTC) had shut down the broadcasting of these TV channels in T2 digital network.

Digital television provider "Zeonbud," which is currently subject to the governmental BRT Concern, is not aware of the reasons for "Espreso," "Priamyy," and Channel 5 being shut down.

The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting has announced that it has not approved of the decision to shut down the "Priamyy," Channel 5, and "Espreso" channels, and does not have a mandate to do so.

On May 9, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine explained that the reason for shutting off the digital broadcasting of "Espreso," Priamyy, and Channel 5 was an implementation of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine regarding the broadcast of a joint telethon.

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine said that shutting channels off from digital broadcasting is not within the ministry's jurisdiction.

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