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Russians import the propaganda textbook "History of Russia" to the occupied Kadiyivka

22.09.2023, 15:01
Photo by the Kremlin-installed administration of Kadiyivka
Photo by the Kremlin-installed administration of Kadiyivka

Russians are importing so-called educational literature for schools and gymnasiums to occupied Kadiyivka (Luhansk oblast) from the Omsk region, reports the "LPR"-controlled propaganda outlet LIC.

The city's Kremlin-installed administration notes that the cargo includes the grades 10–11 textbook "History of Russia".

"This textbook was produced by the Russian Ministry of Education on the request of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. A separate section of the textbook is devoted to the start of the special military operation and the accession of new regions into Russia, as well as the current stage of the country's development and the formation of a multipolar world," the occupiers stressed.

The occupiers plan to distribute the textbooks in schools across the neighboring towns of Almaznaya and Irmino.

As IMI reported, the Russians have delivered over 750,000 copies of Russian propaganda books to the temporarily occupied parts of Luhansk oblast. The books are taken to school libraries to replace Ukrainian editions, which the occupiers seized and burned. Most of the books are about "the history of the Russian Federation".

"This subject is being emphasized because it plays a key role in the Russian 'system of education'. Within this system, schools are really propaganda hubs, and their main function is to brainwash Ukrainian children. This is only part of the enemy's policy which aims to erase an entire generation of our nation," the NRC writes.

Furthermore, in early July FSB officers seized over 1.5 thousand copies of Ukrainian books in Mariupol. In March 2023, the National Resistance Center reported that Russia was allocating 360 million rubles for the dismantling of Ukrainian libraries in the occupied territories. The Russians continue to import their propaganda literature to libraries in the temporarily occupied territories, namely to libraries in the occupied part of Zaporizhzhia oblast.

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