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Russians are bringing teachers in training into the occupied territories to brainwash children – NRC

21.09.2023, 14:22

The Russians are bringing teachers in training to the occupied territories to brainwash local children, reports the National Resistance Center.

This is happening as part of the "pedagogical landing" program.

The "paratroopers" will be teaching Ukrainian children history and the Russian language. That is, students from Saratov will be educating Ukrainian children on "the history of their homeland". The Russians will essentially make work trips to Ukraine to enforce a genocidal policy here, erasing the identity of an entire generation of Ukrainians," the NRC noted.

The "educators" will be giving exactly the lessons where children will hear that they belong in the Russian Federation and that the blame for the war is on Ukraine.

The NRC stresses: each Russian on such a trip will be identified and held accountable for their crimes against the Ukrainian people.

As IMI reported, the Russians plan to import over 165,000 copies of propaganda books to the libraries of the temporarily occupied territories by the end of 2023.

In early July FSB officers seized over 1.5 thousand copies of Ukrainian books in Mariupol. In March 2023, the National Resistance Center reported that Russia was allocating 360 million rubles for the dismantling of Ukrainian libraries in the occupied territories. The Russians continue to import their propaganda literature to libraries in the temporarily occupied territories, namely to libraries in the occupied part of Zaporizhzhia oblast.

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