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russia is not considering the possibility of exchanging Medvedchuk for Ukrainian soldiers

27.04.2022, 16:43
Photo credit: SSU
Photo credit: SSU

moscow is not considering the possibility of exchanging Viktor Medvedchuk, godfather to one of vladimir putin's daughters, for Ukrainian prisoners of war.

This was stated by a spokesman for russian president Dmitry Peskov, Hromadskе reports, citing RIA Novosti.

Asked whether it was possible to exchange Medvedchuk for Ukrainian soldiers, Peskov said: "This is not the case."

After Medvedchuk's detention, Peskov stated that Medvedchuk had never had any behind-the-scenes relationship with russia. The spokesman then stressed that Medvedchuk was not a russian citizen and that the kremlin did not know whether the politician wanted moscow to take part in the situation around him, as "he made a difficult decision to stay in Ukraine."

"Medvedchuk is not a russian citizen. This has nothing to do with the special military operation. He is a foreign politician. We do not know at all whether he himself wants any involvement of russia in resolving this situation," Peskov said.

As IMI has reported, the SSU detained Medvedchuk on April 12. On April 13, Lychakiv District Court of Lviv arrested 154 more items of movable and immovable property of People's Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk and his wife Oksana Marchenko.

On April 16, the Lychakiv District Court of Lviv chose detention as a measure of restraint for Viktor Medvedchuk.

Viktor Medvedchuk had been under house arrest, but before the start of the full-scale invasion he disappeared and was in hiding. According to UP, law enforcers had intelligence that the suspect had left his estate around February 24, turned off his phones and had not been in touch since.

On March 18, 2022, the Lychakiv District Court of Lviv chose detention as a measure of restraint for Viktor Medvedchuk.

On April 18, OPFL People's Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk appealed to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the president of rf vladimir putin with a proposal to exchange him for Mariupol defenders and residents.

Medvedchuk is suspected of treason and aiding terrorism.

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