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Reports of Belarus preparing for an offensive are being spread around on purpose – CDI

28.11.2022, 17:23
Photo: CDI
Photo: CDI

Reports of Belarus allegedly preparing for an offensive is being spread around for a purpose, said the representative of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov, quoted by the CDI press service.

"Informational and psychological operations very often pursue several goals at the same time. And in this case, we see different goals: one of them is to sow panic among the population, among Ukrainians, including those living in the border districts and oblasts. Another is to disorient the Ukrainian defense forces, to make them disperse, deploy forces from other directions to the border. And, well, Belarus and Belarusians themselves are also a target of this special psychological operation, that is, to wind them up. To ignite the spark and involve Belarus in the full-scale war after all, which has not happened yet," Andriy Yusov said.

He noted that it is now very important to realize what the enemy's goals are. One should not give in to this kind of provocation.

"We are not saying that the Lukashenka regime poses no threat. The threat is there, and Lukashenka is supplying Putin with weapons, ammunition, and armored vehicles. He provides Belarus's airspace for strikes on Ukraine, but as of today, there is nothig to suggest that a full-scale invasion or on-the-ground involvement from Belarus is going to take place in the near future," added the representative of Ukraine's defense intelligence.

As IMI reported, Poland denied the Belarusian fake about Ukrainians migrating from the EU en masse.

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