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Razumkov believes mass media should inform law enforcers why they took down news on road accident

01.09.2021, 13:50
Photo credit: RBC Ukraine
Photo credit: RBC Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada Chairman Dmytro Razumkov believes that media representatives should testify to law enforcement agencies about the reasons for deleting information about the accident involving Oleksandr Trukhin, a People's Deputy from the Servant of the People faction, on August 23 in Kyiv region.

The speaker said this on August 31 at a briefing held near the parliament building, Ukrinform reports .

Razumkov hopes that Trukhin will soon talk about his alleged involvement in the accident.

“The issue is not even in an accident, because we are all human beings and we can all get into an accident. The question is different: if all the other facts related to this adventure are confirmed, the reaction must be tough. There is a law here, and it will work… I hope that the investigation will be as impartial as possible, and I think that it is not worth pausing here. The person must go out and tell himself what happened and what did not, so that we do not speculate on what is appropriate and what is not. It will be right to do so. I hope that my colleague will go for it, ”Razumkov said.

He stressed that he would personally make every effort to ensure that no one put pressure on law enforcement during the investigation of this case.

I think that the media should even say who offered (money for the removal of publications about this accident - ed.), Or provide information to law enforcement, because it's very interesting. It's not even an accident, because we are all human beings, and we can all get into an accident. The question is different: if all other facts related to this event are confirmed, the reaction should be tough, ”Razumkov said, Interfax-Ukraine reports .

As IMI reported, more than 30 Ukrainian media took down the news about road accident involving the MP from "Servant of the people" Oleksander Trukhin. A number of media outlets began receiving letters in the mail proposing to remove the story on the incident on a "commercial basis." Sites would be offered at least $ 200 for taking down the news about Trukhin.

As IMI reported, the editorial offices of the Pryamiy channel and the Glavkom online edition explained why they took down the news about the road accident involving Oleksander Trukhin. “Because the original source we referred to deleted both the news content and the video. So, the credibility for spreading the news would fall on our site. We have not sent our correspondent at the scene, so we found there was no sense to assume full responsibility for someone else's content,” as the editor-in-chief of the Glavkom, Viktor Shlinchak, said.

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