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"Poltavska Khvylia" reports Facebook blocking their ad account

10.02.2023, 17:14

"Poltavska Khvylia" editors report that Facebook has blocked their advertising account. "Poltavska Khvylia" editor-in-chief, Vitaly Ulybin, reported this on Facebook and in his comment to the IMI representative in Poltava oblast.

"At first, they sent us a warning, allegedly for hate speech in our historical article about the Unity Day in Poltava. For this article, we got shadowbanned and left virtually without organic page reach, which used to be up to three million per week. And a few days later, we received a notification saying that we were not allowed to post advertisements, and our company's advertising account has been blocked," Ulybin said to IMI.

He added that as of today, the publication's page is technically functional, but "dead".

"We contacted the support service, but, as usual, received no answer. We currently cannot understand whether we were blocked simply due to Facebook's algorithms or because we were attacked by bots. But the fact remains: Facebook continues to restrict Ukrainian content, especially the content related to the war and documenting war crimes," said the editor-in-chief.

As IMI reported, online media of Poltava oblast are constantly subjected to DDoS attacks, and their social media pages are being blocked. In December 2020, Facebook removed an article by "Poltavska Khvylia" about a Ukrainian defender who amends the fire of the Ukrainian artillery.

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