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"Poltavska Khvylia" says Facebook bots are mass flagging their post about a serviceman

19.12.2022, 16:35
Photo credit: Ukrinform
Photo credit: Ukrinform

"Poltavska Khvylia" editor-in-chief Vitaly Ulybin says that their Facebook post about a Ukrainian defender who adjusts the fire of the Ukrainian artillery has been removed. He believes it is due to bots mass flagging the post.

Ulybin wrote about this on his Facebook page and informed the IMI representative in Poltava oblast.

As Vitaly Ulybin explained, Facebook is blocking the post because of the video that it contains.

"In the video, an air reconnaissance commander talks about how they work, what systems they use. Most likely, it is bots that are being used to take it down. Facebook itself allowed this video and even allowed it to be promoted through advertising. But time and again throughought the day, the advertising has been canceled, and the post has been taken down," said the editor.

Ulybin noted that the editors had decided to embed the video into the article and publish it on his Facebook page to check whether the issue had to do with Facebook's algorithms.

"But that post was also taken down. They said it violates their Community Guidelines. Facebook is blocking the article because of the video in it," said the "Poltavska Khvylia" editor-in-chief.

"Facebook doesn't have the content analysis capacity to do an in-depth check of the context of a YouTube video embedded in an article. Our theory about bots is also supported by the fact that the post on my page suddenly gained a large outreach – 112,000 people. However, it was not reflected in likes, reposts and comments. So, these were just some random accounts that did not interact with the post, but simply flagged," noted Vitaliy Ulybin.

It will be recalled that on July 27, 2022, "Poltavska Khvylia" received a letter from Roskomnadzor with a demand to remove the news item with a tutorial for making a Molotov cocktail and it was reported that the access to the resource has been restricted in russia. The editors responded with a picture in which the demands of the russian federation were being "sent along the course of the russian warship."

In September, "Poltavska Khvylia" received an email from Roskomnadzor with a demand to delete a news article "How to burn an occupier: a recipe for a Molotov cocktail." If was not taken down, the access to the website in russia would be restricted.

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