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Police of New Kakhovka drew up a report about not allowing journalist into city council session

07.08.2020, 01:40

Officials of Nova Kakhovka city council tried not to allow journalist Oleh Baturin to be present at joint session of council member commissions on August 6. He wrote  about this in Facebook and told about the details to the IMI representative in Khersonska oblast. 

According to the journalist, the administrator of the executive committee Vasyl Akulenko explained that the journalist is not allowed in because of oral order of the city council secretary Oleksander Lukyanenko.

“Akulenko explained his position by the resolution of the city council to conduct closed sessions during the quarantine. Yet it was not a session of the city council, it was meeting of commissions. Si I called the police”, Baturin explained to IMI representative.

The officials told the police that the journalist is allowed to get in, yet Baturin failed to show his journalist ID.

“Which is a lie, I introduced myself and showed my ID to all who were in the corridor, explaining that I have a right to be present”, Oleh said.

After the police arrived, head of municipal guards agreed that journalist should be allowed in, but Oleh Baturin insisted that it is necessary to register the fact of obstruction with an official report.

The report was drawn up by the police, and will conduct investigation of this case.

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