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Ovsyannikova says she no longer works for Die Welt and is "forced" to go back to russia

04.07.2022, 11:48
Photo: Marina Ovsyannikova's Facebook
Photo: Marina Ovsyannikova's Facebook

Former editor of the russian propaganda channel "Pervyy" Marina Ovsyannikova announced that she no longer works for the German newspaper Die Welt and is "forced" to fly to russia.

She announced this on July 3 on Instagram.

Ovsyannikova reported that her three-month contract with the media outlet has ended.

"It was a unique experience of working in free journalism. Thank you to the Welt team for supporting me during such a difficult time. Time flew by unnoticed. Our three-month contract has ended. I keep moving forward," she wrote.

Also, on July 4, Ovsyannikova announced that she was "forced" to fly back to russia.

"Unfortunately, this is my only chance to see my children and influence their future," she wrote. Ovsyannikova added that she will have to defend her parental rights in court, as her ex-husband filed a lawsuit demanding that their children live with him in moscow.

Ovsyannikova admitted that she might be arrested when she arrives in moscow, but added that she "will not hide and remain silent."

"Maybe I'm going to get arrested right at the airport. Charges will be brought under the new 'article on fakes' for my live protest on Pervyy Kanal or for my anti-war reports and posts on social media. But whatever happens, I won't disavow any of my words. No force will make me compromise with my own conscience," she wrote.

As IMI reported, in the beginning of March, Ovsyannikova entered the studio during an allegedly live "Vremya" broadcast with a "No war" poster. The video recording of this part of the broadcast has been uploaded to YouTube. Later, the russian quit her work at the propaganda channel.

The Centre for Strategic Communications and Information Security has reported that Ovsyannikova is currently an active asset in russian informational and psychological operations. Namely, she has gained recognition and credibility in the West and is using it to promote the narrative about the "necessity" of lifting the sanctions to Western audience.

German media outlet Die Welt has hired Ovsyannikova as a correspondent.

On April 14, Ukrainian activists in Berlin demanded that Die Welt media group fires the former editor of russian propaganda channel "Pervyy" Marina Ovsyannikova.

On June 1, a press conference featuring Marina Ovsyannikova at Interfax-Ukraine press center in Kyiv had been scheduled, but was cancelled due to "negative public response."

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