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Occupiers prohibit Mariupol residents to take photos of doctors – media

05.05.2023, 14:13

The hospitals of occupied Mariupol are issuing announcements that prohibit people from taking photos or videos of doctors and patients. Those who fail to comply will face fines.

As noted by the 0629, the photos of the announcements were provided by Mariupol residents who remain in the city.

"The reason for the ban is unclear. Perhaps it is the terrible healthcare situation in Mariupol that the occupiers do not want to make public, because their primary narrative is 'everything is fine, the city is coming back to life.' However, Mariupol residents report that the city lacks doctors and high-quality healthcare services are almost impossible to get. Most of Mariupol's medical experts have left the occupied city, and those sent in by the Russian authorities only agree to work in short shifts. Furthermore, a large part of the medical equipment that survived has been taken away from the city by the occupiers," the editors note.

The journalists added that only two hospitals actually operate in Mariupol currently: the emergency hospital and hospital No. 2 (former regional hospital). In order to provide people with at least some help and medical assistance, the occupiers have brought in mobile hospitals. However, this is not a decisive solution.

Photo by

As the IMI reported, in the occupied territories, the Russians are carrying out systematic inspections in some educational facilities. In occupied Mariupol, "educators" are making children watch a propaganda movie about the annexation of Crimea. The Russians in Mariupol are also making schoolchildren line up, listen to the Russian national anthem and raise the Russian flag. In the occupied Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia oblast, the occupation administration is making schoolchildren write letters to Russian soldiers. In the schools of Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia oblast, the occupiers are also making children write letters to Russian soldiers. In occupied Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia oblast, Russian security forces are raiding the homes of families that are not sending their children to local schools. In the occupied part of Luhansk oblast, the Russians are carrying out systematic checks in some educational institutions. "The schools' principals are taking part in this. They check what social media pages the children follow, look at their browser history. They tell the parents that they will revoke their custody rights to intimidate them. There are constant threats, and because of this, children do not want to go to school," says the Trybuna editor-in-chief, Oleksiy Artyukh.

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