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Occupiers are spreading fakes about the UAF's plans to shell Zaporizhzhia oblast settlements, says journalist

17.01.2023, 13:27

The Russians are threatening the people in the occupied part of Zaporizhzhia oblast with a joint offensive by the UAF and "foreign militants", which will supposedly involve shelling peaceful settlements and sparing no one.

Hromadske Radio correspondent Andriy Vavilov reported this on the broadcaster's air after monitoring Russian propaganda media and Telegram channels.

"Accordingly, in this Russian propaganda paradigm, the occupiers are preparing to fight back, supposedly standing on the defensive, preparing an echeloned defense, showing their fighters fully ready to meet the Ukrainian army. This is one of the most prominent narratives in Russian propaganda," the correspondent noted.

Andriy Vavilov added that the persecution of residents who oppose the occupation authorities and the pseudo-referendums continues. The teachers who keep teaching their students by the Ukrainian curriculum are also being persecuted.

"There are many reports about an alleged capture of another 'saboteur', who was preparing some 'terrorist act' or sabotage in the occupied territory. And it is very difficult say for sure whether it was a Ukrainian partisan or a random person they caught in the streets, imprisoned and forced to say certain things on camera," said Andriy Vavilov.

He stressed that in any case these actions are illegal and a method of intimidation, aimed at encouraging enmity towards the current Ukrainian authorities among the people.

"I am sure that most people do not believe all this, but this method is being used. Furthermire, such Russian propaganda is also targeting the Russian viewers or listeners who are hearing and watching all this and gets and understanding of why, say, their husbands, uncles, fathers are out there, so far from home, in Zaporizhzhia oblast. In this way, they may be finding an excuse for the Russian aggression on Ukrainian land," the correspondent added.

According to him, the Russians are also spreading many fakes about the Zaporizhzhia NPP. Russian propaganda gives one the impression that the Zaporizhzhia NPP has long been working for Russia, supplying electricity there, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces are interfering with it.

As IMI reported, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the Security Service of Ukraine has exposed over 1,200 propagandists who had been spreading fakes and Russian narratives online. Almost 600 of them have already been notified of suspicion.

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