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Occupation court in Crimea fines a social media user for "discrediting the Russian army"

15.05.2023, 10:37
Photo: depositphoto / Ivankmit /
Photo: depositphoto / Ivankmit /

The Russian-controlled Lenin District Court of Sevastopol fined the city's resident 30,000 Russian rubles for discrediting the armed forces of the Russian Federation, reports Krym.Realii, citing the occupation court.

The woman, aged 40, was found guilty of posting texts and images aimed at "distorting and discrediting the objectives of employing the Russian Armed Forces outside the Russian Federation and the Russian Armed Forces themselves" on Odnoklassniki (a Russian social media).

According to the report, during the hearing, the woman pleaded guilty.

At least three people were detained in Russia on May 10 for the clothes they wore. Cases were opened against them under the article on "discrediting the Russian government and the army."

Krym.Realii reminds that earlier, a Moscow court sentenced former MIA employee Sergey Vedel to seven years in prison on charges of spreading "fakes about the Russian army." Vedel was the first Russian citizen to be prosecuted under criminal law for this offence.

After the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Russia passed new administrative and criminal articles on "fakes" and "discrediting" the Russian army. According to them, anti-war statements or any statements about the war in Ukraine that contradict the official position of the Ministry of Defense are considered an offense. At least 528 cases were opened for under these articles, namely 154 cases under the article on fakes about the Russian army.

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