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"Nashi Hroshi" not allowed to take picture of office of chairman of Lviv regional council

14.05.2021, 17:13
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Journalists of the Lviv anti-corruption website “Nashi Hrishi.Lviv” (Our Money. Lviv) were not allowed to take pictures of the renovated office of Iryna Hrymak, the head of the Lviv Regional Council. The denial was justified with quarantine restrictions, according to

As the editor of “Nashi Hroshi. Lviv ” Oleksandra Hubytska said, she tried for several times to get information about the renovation of Iryna Hrymak's office, in particular about the purchase of new furniture.

“We sent two inquiries and did not receive any pertinent information, so we decided to take pictures of the renovation of the office and estimate the cost of work and new furniture. At the beginning of the week, the press service of Lviv regional council responded to our request for taking photos, and finally, we were told that Iryna Hrymak was opposed to, ”said Oleksandra Hubytska.

Then Oleksandra Hubytska sent an official request to the regional council with a request to allow Iryna Hrymak's office to be photographed. Ruslan Kandybor, the executive secretary of the Lviv regional council, informed journalists that it was impossible to photograph the office of the chairman of the regional council, referring to the quarantine restrictions.

The journalists considered the refusal as an obstacle to their work.

“Coronavirus cannot be the reason for not allowing one journalist to take photograph inside the office. Especially since the journalist got vaccinated and would wear the face mask, ”said Oleksandra Hubytska.

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