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Most of jeansa on environment came out on Politeka, Censor and Obozrevatel - IMI research

16.07.2021, 16:02

4% of news items on environmental issues in Ukrainian mass media had the features of jeansa, most of these materials were published on the sites Politeka, Censor, Obozrevatel. These are the results of an analysis of 19 online media conducted by the NGO "Institute of Mass Information" in June-July 2021 *.

Most of the news items that had the characteristics of the order were published on the Politeka. 

In addition, there were seen some improperly marked news items on the Ukrinform website. The materials were marked "Quality of Life" and were prepared with the assistance of Yuri Kosyuk MHP agro and industrial holding. It should be noted that the Ukrinform website has a separate section marked "Quality Life". However, the page has no mention that it is funded by MHP. This can only be read when switching to a separate news item. 

Regarding improper labeling, the editors report that "materials marked "Advertising "and" PR", as well as materials in the block "Press Releases" are published on the rights of advertising, the advertiser is responsible for their content."

However, there is any mention about the “Quality of Life” Special Project”.

Only one material included in the monitoring period was correctly marked "As advertising". It was posted on the Liga website.

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