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Ministry of Interior spoke of Sheremet murder with the press and bloggers behind closed-door

18.12.2019, 18:19
Photo credit: Reuters
Photo credit: Reuters

On December 17, the Deputy Head of the Minister of the Interior Anton Gerashchenko met the activists, journalists and bloggers to speak about the progress into the case of murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet. The meeting was held behind closed doors, as “Detektor Media” reported.

The journalistwith “Ukrayinsky Tyzhden” and blogger Denis Kazansky, who attended the meeting, told about 20 persons were attending the meeting, including “both loyal to [Arsen] Avakov and his opponents”.

In particular, the Ministry of the Interior invited the editor in chief of the Crimean Tatar ATR channel Aider Mudzhabaev, presenter of Espresso TV and blogger Marina Danylyuk-Yarmolaeva, presenter of”Iceland” and blogger Serhiy Ivanov, bloggers Yuri Romanenko, Diana Makarov and Myroslav Oleshko, former editor-in-chief of the site "Petro and Mazepa", co-founder of the “Democratic Ax” party Victor Tregubov and one of the leaders of the party Anton Shvets, blogger and founder of “Pizza Veterano” Leonid Ostaltsev, spokesman for the international intelligence community InformNapalm Michael Makaruk.

After the meeting, Denis Kazansky wrote on Facebook , "no more certitude he could get as to involvement of suspected persons in the murder of Sheremet." The same opinion was voiced by Diana Makarova: “The Ministry of Internal Affairs is convinced of guilt of the arrested Kuzmenko, Antonenko and Dugar. But personally me, I have not been convinced by them. Neither, as I guess, most of other invitees. "

At the same time, she said, the Ministry of Internal Affairs disposed some evidences that "could be used as direct ones". Instead, Aider Mudzhabaev noted that "new evidences are needed, all so far mentioned are indirect ones." 

Kazansky also pointed out that the police had no direct evidences of guilt of the suspected persons: “Sure, everyone was interested in the evidence base. Is there anything else the police disposes besides what they have already made public? Is there any more “cast iron proofs”? Everyone who came expected to hear something new and exclusive. But, as it became clear from this meeting, the police has no direct evidence of Antonenko, Dugar and Kuzmenko's guilt. There is only a set of indirect ones - switched off phones, resemblance to people on video from cameras, excerpts of phone conversations, found during a search in Antonenko mine. The motive also remains unclear."

As IMI reported,on 14 December, teh pechersk districrt court in Kyiv arrested Yulia Kuzmenko and Andriy Antonenko, suspected of being involved in murder of Pavel Sheremet.  

On December 13, the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv decided to place Yana Dugar, hospital nurse and  suspect in the murder of journalist Paul Sheremet under house arrest until February 8, 2020. In compliance with that decision, Dugar is forbidden to leave her place of residence in the town of Novomoskovsk, of Dnipropetrovsk region, until February 8, 2020. She had to surrender the documents for traveling abroad.

On December 13, the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv suspended considering the case on pre-trial measure for the second suspect in the Sheremet murder case, volunteer and pediatric surgeon at Okhmatdit hospital Yulia Kuzmenko,

On December 12, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov told that the National Police had detained and pressed suspicion to some persons who would be involved in the murder of Pavel Sheremet.

On December 12, Deputy Head of the National Police - Criminal Police Chief Yevgeny Koval named five suspects in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet: Sergeant of the Special Operations Forces Andriy Antonenko, military medic Yana Dugar, volunteer Yulia Kuzmenko and veterans of the armed conflict in Donbas region Inna (alias Cougar) and Vladyslav (alias Bucha) Gryschenko.

On December 12, Deputy Head of the National Police - Chief of Criminal Police Yevgeny Koval reported that the explosive under the car of journalist Pavel Sheremet was put by the ATO musician and volunteer Andriy Antonenko and doctor and volunteer Yulia Kuzmenko.

The same day, Yevhen Koval said that the investigation considered the main version of the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet was to destabilize the social and political situation in Ukraine.


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