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Ministry of Defense blamed an unprecedented and still ongoing DDOS attack

16.02.2022, 13:25

The Ministry of Defense reported that its official web portal was subjected to an unprecedented DDoS attack, which was still ongoing. 

The attack was aimed at overload of its server capacity.

“The attackers probably knew that the website was protected from classic DDoS attacks, so they searched for vulnerabilities in the site's own code. We can say that they unfortunately succeeded… We understand the nature of the attack: the attackers did not hack, did not try to load the channel or shut down the provider, but sent many specific requests to the site to overload existing server capacity with redundant calculations”, - the Ministry’s report said.

The Ministry's cyber specialists have set up some additional protection and some technical work to restore the regular functioning of the web portal. Partners from the United States also immediately offered assistance, providing technical advice and additional protection services.

Now all the site's traffic is directed by cyber specialists through an additional security service located in the United States.

The ministry said that due to the need to update the access infrastructure around the world, the website of the Ministry of Defense may seem inaccessible for some time, but after the final update of DNS servers will remain stable. 

"Not succumbing to an excessive tragedy, but with due circumspection,the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is aware that attacks will continue and sometimes lead to temporary disruption of its work, at least until the site is professionally updated. In fact, software website updates are scheduled and will take place as on a scheduled basis," the message read.

As IMI reported, on February 15, The Ministry of Defense reported that its official web portal was probably targeted with DDoS attack, when an excessive number of requests per second was recorded. The applications of the banks PrivatBank and Oschadbank are failing, accordingly to its clients.

On this fact, the Main Investigation Department of the National Police opened a criminal case under Articles 361 (unauthorized interference in the operation of automated systems) and 363-1 (intentional mass dissemination of telecommunications messages, which led to disruption of automated systems) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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