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Media movement denounces attempts of judges to obtain illegal access to the telephone of the journalist of "Slidstvo.Info"

29.07.2020, 14:26

The media movement “Media for conscious choice” denounces attempts of the judges of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv to illegally gain access to the telephone of the "Slidstvo.Info" journalist Yevhenia Motorevska. This information was released by the media movement, “Detector media” informs.‌

“The media movement denounces any attempts of illegal surveillance of journalists. Such activities of court officials has nothing in common with unbiased and fair justice, so we call out to the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to immediately and transparently investigate this fact and to bring the guilty individuals to justice”, the release states.

In the recently published by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau materials of investigations there were records of high officials of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv city, which made clear that the head of the Court Pavlo Vovk and his deputy Yevheniy Ablov tried to gain access to the telephone of Yevhenia Motorevska, who was investigating Ablov. 

As the records show, the individuals tried to learn the contacts that Motorevska was talking to, using, most likely, illegal methods to obtain this information without the relevant court order. 

As "Slidstvo.Info" reports, chief officials of the court became interested in the contacts of the journalist after she prepared the material about how Ablov celebrated his birthday in the restaurant “VaBene” in the center of Kyiv in April 13, 2019.

For the context, on July 17, the National Bureau and Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office announced suspect status for multiple crimes to the judges of the Kyiv Administrative Court and to individuals affiliated with them. 

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