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Lutsk media outlet published photos of female journalists and activists photoshopped to bodies of nude "Playboy" models

29.09.2017, 23:48
In Lutsk, the media outlet “Pid Prytsilom” published photos of the faces of well-known local women – journalists, editors, gender issues activists, politicians, and civil activists photoshopped to the bodies of nude “Playboy” models, as the website of the Center for information on human rights reports. The publication was supplemented with sarcastic and openly sexist comments degrading feminists of all the world. The sarcasm was aimed against  the presentation of gender balance monitoring, absence of sexist and stereotype-promoting content in Volyn media outlets, which was held in Lutsk media cafe. Among the women who were photoshopped there were not only those who organized the event  - Bohdana Stelmakh and Arina Krapka, not only bloggers and journalists who openly identify as feminists, but also the city council member Yulia  Vusenko, oblast council member Liudmyla Kyrda, head of recreational complex “Riksos Prykarpattia” Olena Palaguta, head of the department of information policy of oblast state administration Svitlana Holovchuk, chief editor of online media outlet "Volyn Information Portal" Olha Zeilyk, and others. Some of them are not even feminists. It is not known what caused this aggression against the women, as the media outlet "Pid Prytsilom" was not included into the monitoring as too insignificant and lacking audience.
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