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Kherson local journalist becomes editor of an occupiers' newspaper

14.07.2022, 15:30

Local journalist Yevhen Bily became the editor of the occupiers' newspaper "Naddnepryanskaya Pravda."

Local channel VTV+, which is cooperating with the occupiers, showed him from behind and with a distorted voice.

According to the IMI representative in Kherson region, local journalists recognized their former colleague even from behind, and it was possible to restore Yevhen's voice using special software.

Yevhen Bily started working as a journalist in the "Horodyanin ta Horodyanka" newspaper, which belonged to Volodymyr Saldo, the current head of Kherson region's occupation "administration." Later, he was the deputy editor-in-chief of the communal newspaper "Khersonsky Visnyk."

After 2014, he left Kherson and worked as editor-in-chief of the "Industrialka" website.

Until recently, Bily lived in Odesa.

As IMI reported, in June, the russian occupiers began issuing a propaganda newspaper titled "Naddnepryanskaya Pravda" in the temporarily occupied Kherson. The newspaper is being printed in the Kherson City Printing House, which has been taken over by the russians back in May.

On July 14, the Chief Directorate of Intelligence at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that the second issue of the russian "Naddnepryanskaya Pravda" newspaper is being distributed in temporarily occupied Kherson. In comparison to the first issue, the print run has increased fourfold – up to 40,000 copies.

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