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Occupiers in Kherson region increase their propaganda newspaper's print run to 40,000

14.07.2022, 14:59
Photo: screenshot from a reportage
Photo: screenshot from a reportage

The second issue of the russian "Naddnepryanskaya Pravda" newspaper is being distributed in temporarily occupied Kherson.

This was reported by the Chief Directorate of Intelligence at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

As CDI notes, in comparison to the first issue, the print run has increased fourfold – up to 40,000 copies.

The newspaper includes such headlines as "Kherson to receive: passports, communications, russian banks," "SMO News," "Trade union always cares about the workers' rights," etc.

In addition, the occupation administration of Kherson is expecting the arrival of a team of russian political consultants who are to organize the preparation and carrying out of the "referendum." They are to be accommodated in the "Bordeaux" hotel, which has been placed under increased armed protection.

CDI also informs that an artillery ammunition warehouse has been created in Kherson's Mykola Kulish Drama Theater. On the night of July 11–12, the occupiers were unloading trucks near the theater. Currently, the theater premises are under increased security, and the square and streets around the theater are being patrolled.

As IMI reported, in June, the russian occupiers began issuing a propaganda newspaper titled "Naddnepryanskaya Pravda" in the temporarily occupied Kherson. The newspaper is being printed in the Kherson City Printing House, which has been taken over by the russians back in May.

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