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Kherson journalist threatened because of road accident story

26.07.2021, 12:29

Maryna Savchenko, a journalist with the Kherson newspaper Novy Den, received insults and threats on Facebook due a publication about a road accident. The journalist communicated it to the IMI representative in Kherson region.

As she reported, after the publication on July 24 of the article "In the Kherson region, a 21-year-old water woman committed an accident: two people died," some unknown people started writing to her in the messenger and threatening her.

“I managed to find out that the driver who caused the accident with double fatalities was related to the judge's family. Namely, her husband is member of a judge’s family. The matter is high profile and I, of course, got interested in it. I started to monitor what people wrote under the police’s post about this accident. As it turned out, a powerful driver support group has already joined. There is an infoattack to accuse those who died. Although photos from the scene of the tragedy and the official version of the police are evidence to the contrary. Pressure from friends of the driver is carried out to me in the personal messagerie. "They hint that I should "hear "and stop to be interested in this accident," said Maryna Savchenko.

The journalist has not yet filed complaint with the police.

“I just sent some questions to get clarifications on the road accident. There are no answers yet, ”she said.

On the evening of July 25, the journalist told an IMI representative that an investigator had came to her and took her explanation..

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