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Journalists with Tochka OPORY denied access to conference of Palchevsky’s party

22.09.2020, 14:14
Photo credit: from the website of the political party "Palchevsky's Victory"
Photo credit: from the website of the political party "Palchevsky's Victory"

On September 15, in Kyiv, several journalists, including those ones of Tochka OPORY, were not allowed to attend the conference of the city organization of the “Palchevsky’s Victory” political party. The organizers justified it lockdown restrictions, as Kyiv is part of "orange zone". 

The civic network OPORA reported of the incident on its website.

According to the report, on September 9, the political force "Victory of Palchevsky" posted on its website information about the conference of the Kyiv branch of the party, which was scheduled for September 15. Accreditation was fulfilled by phone, with deadline fixed at 3.00 p.m. on September 14.

Correspondents of Tochka OPORA were accredited on due time, but since Kyiv is in “orange zone” of coronavirus alert, only one person was accredited. However, on the morning of September 15, representatives of the political force called the editorial office and said that the conference would be held without media representatives, as they had a very small room and they did not even know how to seat delegates. They promised to OPORA to send photos and a press release of the conference.

Nevertheless, the conference was broadcast live on the Unity news agency's Facebook page. On the video one could see that the chairman of the conference saying that media representatives were attending the event, OPORA noted. 

The press service of the “Victory of Palchevsky” commented on the incident saying that "journalists were allowed to the event, but they were obliged to refuse those who were accredited later, due to lockdown restrictions due to placing of Kyiv in the" orange zone."

At the conference, Andriy Palchevsky was nominated as a candidate for the position of mayor and they voted for the lists of candidates in the single and territorial electoral lists for the Kyiv City Council elections. 

As IMI reported, on September 18 , in Mykolaiv, the journalist with OPORA edition couldn't get to the meeting of the regional organization of political party “Za Maybutne” («For the future») where they nominated candidate for elections of the chairman of the Mykolaiv city council.

As IMI reported, on September 19 in Lutsk, a journalist from the Center for Journalistic Investigations "Force of Truth" Mariya Smyk was not allowed to attend a conference of the regional organization of the political party "Opposition Platform - For Life." 

On September 19, in Lutsk, journalists from Tochka OPORY and the Center for Journalistic Investigations of the Force of Truth were barred from attending a conference of the Volyn regional branch of the Servant of the People political party, citing quarantine restrictions.

On September 19, in Lviv, representatives of Tochka OPORY and another journalist were denied access to the conference of the Lviv regional branch of the Servant of the People political party to nominate candidates for local councils due to quarantine restrictions

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