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Journalist from Lutsk suffers because of calls to her phone number that was published in announcements about purchase of vegetables

10.10.2017, 00:50
An unknown man published in the newspapers of Rivne “Rivne express” and “ Rivne Vechirnie” announcements about purchase of vegetables, and indicated as a contact the phone number belonging to Lutsk journalist Iryna Musiy (Arina Krapka). Now the journalist receives calls from people who want to sell vegetables. Iryna Musiy reported this to IMI personally. In the editorial office of “Rivne express”, Iryna learned that the person who accepted the announcement said that the man who ordered to publish it was a new client, never seen there before, and that is not really a common thing for this type of publications. The man also indicated the name of the contact as "Iryna", which means it was not a mistake, but intentional harassment. Iryna said that she thinks this was due to her journalist activities. According to her, she researched about who published at the web-site “Pid prytsilom” the photos of well-known local women photoshopped to the bodies of nude "Playboy" models. During the investigation, the journalist called the editorial office of “ Pid prytsilom”, and to the party “Ukrop”. Iryna Musiy thinks that her phone number was pubished in the announcement to make her “stop calling them with comments”. She also said that currently she cannot really think of any other people who would want and who would be in a position to harass her in such a way.
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