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Italian correspondent Mattia Sorbi was injured in the occupied Kherson oblast – Stratcom

08.09.2022, 18:29

Italian correspondent Mattia Sorbi, who was trying to get into the occupied Kherson, was blown up by a mine and suffered injuries. This was announced by the Center for Strategic Communications.

"The russian federation's propagandists are spreading reports about an accident involving Italian journalist Mattia Sorbi which happened in Kherson oblast. The filming crew was trying to get into the occupied Kherson, but the car hit a mine: the driver was killed, and the Italian journalist was injured," the message reads.

Mattia Sorbi went missing on August 31. First, he went to Mykolaiv, and from there he headed towards Kherson through the villages of the "red zone," where the fighting is ongoing.

"The russians are accusing the Ukrainian special services of provocation: allegedly, some unknown people in uniform accompanied Sorbi to the border and did not inform him that the road had been mined deliberately so that he would be blown up and the russian army could be publicly blamed for his death," informs Stratcom.

They stress that no military personnel were accompanying the correspondent, and the hired fixer refused to go with the Italian.

"We can assume that Sorbi had previous agreements with the russian troops which have occupied Kherson," Stratcom added.

As IMI reported, Italian war correspondent Mattia Sorbi, who had come to Ukraine to cover the russian aggression, went out of touch on August 31. On September 7, he was found in the occupied Kherson city. In 2014, Sorbi worked as a correspondent for the russian war propaganda TV channel Zvezda, which spreads disinformation against Ukraine.

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