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In Uzhhorod, journalist was not admitted to oblast council session

30.11.2017, 20:57
In Uzhhorod (Zakarpatska oblast), the journalist of media outlet “Sribna Zemlia” Stanislav Danko was not admitted to the session of Zakarpatska oblast council by police officers. The incident was taking place on September 21. The journalist reported this to IMI representative in Zakarpatska oblast. On that day, the session was of special interest for the public as the council intended to address the President of Ukraine with a request to veto the Law "On Education" adopted by the Parliament. According to Danko, initially he was not even admitted to the building of the oblast council giving as an argument that there was a “threat of provocations and violence”. Later, some official ordered to let him through as he had a journalist ID. But at the entrance to the assembly hall, the police was admitting inside only the journalists who had accreditation for the event. The officials of the oblast council were emphasizing this as the requirement of the Standing Order. Stanislav Danko managed to get accredited right there on the spot. The prosecutor's office started to investigate this incident, Stanislav Danko said, after he personally reported this to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine as the latter was visiting the region. For the context, on September 5, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Law "On Education", which in particular, regulated the issues of using Ukrainian language in education. On September 25, it was signed by the President. The law sparked protests of several nations with significant diaspora in Ukraine, as it bound to conduct general education of minorities in Ukrainian after the elementary school.
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