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In the news of Ukrainian mass media, women are mentioned three times less compared to men - research

19.11.2017, 20:33
Women are main characters of materials three times less often than men — in average, only in 27% of cases. The journalists engage women as expert even less — only in 19% of cases (that is, only in each fifth material). Most often women comment on social topics, act as main characters of crime reports or «yellow» news, while men comment on political and economic topics. These are the results of news monitoring on eight national channels, ten national-level online media ouitlets, and seven printed editions, which was conducted by NGO «Institute of mass information» and «Detector media» in October of 2017 under order from the National Democratic Institute (NDI). Online media outlets is where women are represented the least (only in 13% of news, women acts as main characters, and in 15% - as experts), they are best represented is printed mass media (main characters of 35% of materials, and experts in 22% of materials involving experts). According to the research, women are practically never invited as guests to the studios of social and political talk shows on central channels. In the period of monitoring, only two women were invited to central channels studios, compared to 40 men. In addition, in the monitoring period, no woman was invited to a talk show as an expert. The women most often mentioned in Ukrainian political news in the period of monitoring were MPs Iryna Herashchenko, Oksana Syroyid and Iryna Lutsenko.   Experts of NGO «Institute of mass information» and «Detector media» evaluated the gender balance in the evening news at the channels «UA:First», «Inter», «Channel 5», «1+1», ICTV, TRC «Ukraina», «STB», «112 Ukraina»; in printed media outlets «Fakty i kommentarii», «Segodnia», «KP v Ukrainie», «Den», «Hazeta po-Ukrayinski», «Vesti»; online media outlets «Ukrainska pravda», «», UNIAN, «Ukrinform», «»,, «», «Obozrevatel», and «» from October 2 to October 8, 2017. The methodology of the monitoring is available on IMI website at the link. The monitoring was conducted under the framework of joint initiative by the Commission for Journalist Ethics, Institute of Mass Information, Institute for Development of Regional Press, campaign against sexism «Povaha», Detector Media, and the social project «50 percent», with support of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine.
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