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In Mykolaiv, the case on attack of “bodyguard” of Oblast State Administration against journalist was closed in a week after being opened

08.11.2017, 00:40
Central district police department of Mykolaiv closed the criminal proceeding based on the fact of obstruction to lawful professional activities of the journalist of TV channel “Inter”, Kyrylo Yushchyshen in a week after the opening. This information was received as a response to information request of “Prestupnosti.NET”, by the head of Investigations department of Chief Administration of National Police in Mykolaivska oblast, Ivan Vyhovskyi. As a reminder, on April 27 in Mykolaiv, during the meeting of the oblast council, the man who always follows the head of Mykolaiv oblast state administration and who is supposedly his security guard, attacked the correspondent of the TV channel “Inter” Kyrylo Yushchyshen, and took his cell phone. Later it was clarified that the attacker was Dmytro Musaelian, who resides in Dnipro city, where he is the head of NGO “Interethnic unity”, and in 2014 ran in the elections to the Parliament of Ukraine. According to Yushchyshen, the man, who seemed to act like a bodyguard of the governor (although Mr.Savchenko claimed later he does not have any bodyguards) at first grabbed his hand and pulled the journalist from the place where he was taking pictures. When the journalist decided to take the picture of this man, he attacked him, twisted his arm and took his phone - the journalist was able to get it back only after getting to the site three patrol police officers. On April 28, the police of Mykolaiv reported they started criminal proceeding on this case, yet now it turned out the case was closed soon after opening.
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