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In Kherson region, someone knocked microphone out of hands of journalist for 24th Channel

22.06.2020, 15:56
Photo credit: Screenshot from the bvideo of 24th Channel
Photo credit: Screenshot from the bvideo of 24th Channel

In the village of Zalizny Port (Kherson region), an unknown man attacked Channel 24 journalist Marina Savchenko, who was filming the story on the beach. The journalist told it to the regional representative of IMI.

According to Marina Savchenko, she was filming a story about the inspections held of the State Consumer Service at the resort and she saw some unknown people walking on the beach with exotic animals. 

“I decided that I should ask a few questions to these people, including about their permission to work on the beach and treating of wild animals. I have also to say that while inspecting, we were accompanied by police. As they saw the camera and the police, the men fled away, ” Maryna Savchenko said.

The cameraman and the journalist сaught up with them and started asking questions.

"Of course, no one answered us. Moreover, one of the men hit me on the arm, aiming at the microphone. I told the man that he was interfering with my journalistic activities, and I heard him laughing at, ”said Marina.

After that, the man disappeared from the scene, and the journalist called the police.

40 minutes later, the police came, they registered the incident as an attack and later reported that information on this fact had been entered into the Unified register of pre-trial investigations under Article 171.

The journalist could identify the attacker.

“It turned out that this man worked as a videographer and shot weddings, when he didn’t work on the beach. That is, he knew exactly what he was doing when he hit the microphone. He knew that it was a thin device, and he understood what it could lead to, ”Savchenko said.

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