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"hromadske" reports their brand being used unlawfully

21.12.2022, 15:59
Photo: hromadske
Photo: hromadske

"hromadske" editors report that "Central Public Television" is unlawfully using "hromadske's" trademarks on social media. The editors demand that the organization stop violating their rights immediately, otherwise they will have to go to court.

This is stated in Hromadske's official address to their audience and Ukrainian media.

The editors say that third-party organization "Central Public Television" (legal name: Public Organization "Kremenchuk Public Television") was unlawfully using the trademarks registered and owned by "hromadske" on its YouTube channel and Facebook page.

"Back on June 28, the 'hromadske' team appealed to the PO "Kremenchuk Public Television" with an official demand to stop unlawfully using our trademarks. The editors received no response from Kremenchuk Public Television," the address reads.

Furthermore, according to "hromadske", the editors of this PO started illegally using the domain name on their social media pages, thereby misleading the audience.

On September 20, "hromadske" sent complaints to Google and Meta, requesting that the "Central Public Television" pages on YouTube and Facebook be taken down.

"hromadske" declares that it has nothing to do with NGO "Kremenchuk Public Television" and demands that they stop violating their rights by unlawfully using the "Hromadske Television" trademarks and domain name immediately.

The editors note that if this demand is ignored, they will go to court.

The Facebook page called "Central Public Television", referred to by "hromadske", does indeed use the "Hromadske" logo. At the same time, the page description states that it is a "joint initiative by Kremenchuk journalists."

The YouTube channel under the same name uses the brand " Kremenchuk" in their logo.

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