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Fake UP website with a made-up column by Kazarin appears on the Internet

10.04.2023, 18:40
Photo: polskieradio.pI
Photo: polskieradio.pI

A fake website imitating the online publication "Ukrainian Pravda" has appeared on the Internet.

According to the domain verification service whois, the fake website with the domain was created as recently as February 12, 2023, through an American company.

The website contains several pages and simulates the interface and the logo of the UP.

Journalist Pavlo Kazarin pointed out that the clone website had posted a fake version of his column.

"Fake content posted on behalf of the 'Ukrainian Pravda' appears online every now and then. Visually, it copies the UP, the only difference being that instead of content there is some kind of panicmongering nonsense. Now they started writing fake columns purportedly by the UP's regular authors. Me, for example. The latest case is an attack on the TDF, signed with my name," Kazarin wrote.

The journalist advises readers to pay attention to the domain: "The 'Ukrainian Pravda's' domain is easily googled. If the domain of the article/news is different, then you are dealing with a fake".

He also added that he reporsts all his writings on social media. "If you see a column by Karazin which is not to be found on Kazarin's social media, then you are dealing with a fake. Our neighbors have decided to do a psyop. Baby's first disinformation," Kazarin wrote.

As the IMI reported, in March, 2023, the editors of RBC Ukraine filed a statement with the cyberpolice over website forgery and a fake article criticizing the UAF Commander-in-Chief, Valery Zaluzhny.

In September 2022, unknown persons created a copy of the Ternopil online resource "Poglyad" and of its Facebook page. And in Snigurivka town (Mykolaiv oblast), which had been under Russian occupation since March to November, the invaders were distributing a clone of the locally known newspaper "Ridne Prybuzhzhia". The Russians used the layout, typeface, and name of the regional newspaper, having translated it into Russian – "Rodnoe Pribuzhye".

In June 2022, the RBC-Ukraine reported that some criminals were posing as their editorial office to advertise a survey with which RBC-Ukraine had nothing to do on social media. Back then, the RBC-Ukraine contacted the National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation regarding this issue.

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